List of Top Funniest Dentist Images

Dental care is, for many people of all ages, a complicated, unsettling and at times painful process that is hard on anybody’s nerves. While proper oral hygiene, brushing one’s teeth, flossing and using good mouthwash twice a day, is an excellent way to make the process of dental healthcare a lot less painful and aggravating, there’s no denying that seeing a dentist is not the easiest form of medical care to go through with. Whether is the unsettling scraping of the pick during a simple cleaning and checkup or a more involved and painful process that ends with prescription painkillers, necessary dental care can be harsh on people, to say the least.

Still, a good dentist can make the process a lot less painful. A great deal of modern medical innovation has revolved around making dental care less painful, and large-scale efforts introduce proper oral hygiene and home dental care to the masses has been remarkably effective in improving the dental health of people in the industrialized world. Thus, most dentists not only typically have to do less work, but the work they do have to do is far less painful than it was a mere five decades ago.

With all this advanced medical technology, it does tend to be easier to forget the human element of the dental medicine profession. While most dentists with certification to practice dental medicine can do the technical and medical details of keeping a patient’s teeth intact. A dentist also typically needs to know how to put a patient’s mind at ease, particularly when they’re about to or in the middle of a painful, unpleasant yet vitally necessary procedure. It applies primarily to pediatric dentistry, and children are particularly likely to get tense and skittish when visiting a dentist, and while some kids handle it better than others, any pediatric dentist knows how to relax a child patient.

One way many dentists handle the human side of dentistry is through laughter. A funny dentist can do wonders for calming down a patient about to get major work done, let alone a routine cleaning and examine. Exactly what makes for a funny dentist is the same thing that makes for a funny person in general. Quantifying comedy is a difficult thing for anybody to do, but it has been scientifically proven that laughter tends to make medical care more efficient and less of a burden on the people receiving it.

We’ve listed the top funny dentists below. Each of these dentists not only knows their business when it comes to taking care of teeth across a wide range of specialties but also knows how to put a patient’s mind at ease through their unique blend of humor and professionalism. It can be hard to combine humor and professionalism, but the best medical professionals have the process practically down to a science. If you find dental care unsettling and unpleasant, these dentists may be exactly what you need to soothe the unease with laughter.