Ideas For Funny Photo Booth Pictures

Stepping into a photo booth should not be the mosy serious thing in the world. The idea is to relax and have fun with it. If you would like to take some silly pictures and you are at a loss for ideas, here are some ideas you should take into consideration. We got these while researching in Michigan. Here we go!

Use Props

This is always a great idea when you step into a photo booth to take a group shot. Nothing says funny like a pair of huge glasses, a fake mustache, and some well-placed signage. Whether you are at an event with some business contacts (like the folks here) or you are hanging out with people you know on a personal level, grab a few fun items before you head in there is you want to boost the hilarity level of your photo.

Make Kissy Faces

This might sound like anything that is hilarious, but these days the idea of puckering up and kissing invisible air has become the butt of many jokes. From teenagers to grannies and everyone in between, people are blowing kisses all over the place especially in Michigan! Instead of ruining your serious photos with their random photo smooches, save them for a time when you are heading into a photo booth. This will give you picture all of the ridiculousness needed to put a smile on everyone’s face who looks at it.

Roll Your Eyes

This does not refer to the serious eye roll that is typically used when one is aggravated and on a mission to be sarcastic. Opening your eyes super wide and rolling them exaggeratedly is a great way to make your photo booth shots extra funny. Even if you are sitting in there with someone who looks serious, doing this will break up the boredom. This is even funnier when there are multiple people in the photo with a stern look, and one person is cutting up.


Nothing says goofy and humor-filled like wearing a ton of clothes that don’t go together. Seriously, how can someone not find it funny when people have many, many layers of clothing that seem to have no rhyme or reason? For instance, the woman in this picture has on a cinch belt, dangling pearls and a heart-filled skirt. This is so busy that you cannot help but laugh. Add this to a few accessories, and you will have a look that everybody will snicker at.

Look Awkward

It is funny to see people step into a My Boogie Booth rental Michigan and try to stay serious looking the entire time. All this does is result in the person looking as awkward as ever. Imagine being in a booth with all kinds of props and silly clothes on and your face looks like you are in the middle of watching a Presidential debate. This is funnier than the idea of getting in there and making all of the usually faces people make, like the one where their tongues are sticking out randomly. In a nutshell, wear something ridiculous while wearing a blank stare and you will come off funnier than you could have ever imagined.

Whether you are attending a wedding or you are hanging out in a photo booth at your local mall, this is not the time to act like you want to be all serious. It is a good idea to let your hair down, relax and have a good time. Now that you have all of these concepts in your mind, your pictures should come out funnier than they ever have.

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