Are Caribbean Medical schools bad?

Entering medical school is difficult, in fact only about 40% of candidates are admitted to US medical schools every year. Those who do not get left are left without options or submitting an application the following year. This is where Caribbean medical schools appear. Are Caribbean Medical schools bad?

Myth: Caribbean medical schools are not as good as American medical schools

The first myth about Caribbean medical schools, which are not as good as American medical schools, has some truth in it, but it is not true in all areas. While it is true that there are many lower quality Caribbean medical schools that should be avoided, there are several Caribbean medical schools that provide medical education on a par with American medical schools. Caribbean medical schools don’t hold your hand during medical school and are not an easy way to become a doctor.

Myth: People will look at you differently for the rest of your career.

Caribbean medical education is not a scarlet letter. Some may still look at it with judgment, but ultimately it is about being able to demonstrate knowledge and competence. Many Caribbean medical students change among students from some of the most respected schools in the US, and in my experience their clinical knowledge and skills are easily comparable.

If you love what you do, if you are good at what you do, and if you work hard and take care of your patients, you’ll be able to stand up and say you’re a proud graduate from your home school – wherever it can be.

Are Caribbean Medical schools bad?

Myth: You’ll be buried in debt for the rest of your life.

Medical school is expensive. There is no doubt about that. Some schools are moving towards exempting students from tuition fees, but the process is slow and so far limited to several schools in the US. After all, medical education is an investment and few things in life are better to invest than yourself. . Perhaps the tuition fee is higher at a Caribbean medical school, but if it is the best match after all, it is a profitable investment.

For those considering a Caribbean medical school, it’s worth contacting someone who has gone through this process. There are many of us who have walked in your shoes before you and can help you. This may not be perfect for everyone. But it was for me. And it can also be for you.

Indicators in Caribbean schools

Some Caribbean schools have high school-leaving rates, and some are famous for the high number of early school leavers. In general, Caribbean medical schools have a much lower graduation rate than American medical schools. There can be two main reasons for this. The first reason is that Caribbean schools do not provide their students with adequate support to ensure their academic success. Because of this lack of support, students often feel overwhelmed and believe that giving up is the most cost-effective option. Another possible argument for a low graduation rate is the fact that Caribbean medical students were not ready for medical studies from the beginning. The admission criteria for Caribbean schools are usually lower than for their US counterparts



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